Science Presentation Style! 

Hi everyone! I apologize for not posting as often as I would like to but I have been extremely busy researching acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in Buffalo, NY. I presented my research Thursday and Friday, so here are two, super cute, but professional looks!  


On the first day of the symposium, I wore a blue dress shirt with a blazer and black skirt. This simple but sharp look reflected the color palette of my poster. I styled my hair in a ponytail with a middle part. It is helpful to wear your hair pulled pack so you can easily turn your head and refer your audience to sections of your poster. Middle parts have been very popular for on and off-duty celebrity looks, but look equally as awesome for scientific poster sessions!

Black Blazer

Blue Blouse
Black Skirt
Any pair of black ballet flats will work!


The second day was more formal. The event included a graduation ceremony. I found this preppy dress at H&M and styled it with the same blazer I wore the previous day. I wore the same black ballet flats for comfort and travel since I traveled on the Buffalo Metro. I left my natural waves for this event.

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Charcoal based products naturally purify your skin by deeply cleaning your pores. I generally have oily skin and after using Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser 2x a day, my unwanted shine has been reduced tremendously! I’ve tried scrubs and salts, but nothing has compared to this cleanser. I highly recommend it!


In the end of January, I made the switch from dairy to almond and soy based products. After a few weeks, my skin was less oily and my acne cleared! Casey Ho (a.k.a. Blogilates) also has a dairy sensitivity associated with acne. Your dairy consumption may be causing your breakouts. Take a break from the tempting cheese, yogurt, milk, and ice-cream. You may be surprised to see a beautiful and clear complexion within a couple of weeks!


Omega-3s have been shown to control the production of leukotriene B4,a molecule associated with inflammatory acne. Omega-3s decrease inflammation which will reduce redness associated with acne! Omega-3s are found in many foods such as salmon, walnuts, avocado, and chia seeds!


Elaine’s glowing and healthy complexion is amazing. I had the pleasure of talking beauty with her at the Sephora X Lancome USA X Teen Vogue event on Saturday. Her inner beauty matches her outer beauty. Here’s a pic  ( or 3! :D) from the event:

Autumn  Greco & Elain Welteroth  at the event.

Autumn Greco & Elaine Welteroth at the event.

Coachella Style Recap!

Coachella may be over, but festival style is here to stay! Besides from the typical crop tops and distressed denim, Coachella was full of original style inspiration. My favorite festival looks are leather-fringe backpacks, tribal printed apparel, suede fringe vests, and long open crocheted cardigans. Although I did not attend Coachella, I actively followed the event on social media. Here’s some of my favorite looks:

Credit: Papjuice/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Credit: Papjuice/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Kendall and Kylie are always an amazing source of fashion inspo!



Danielle Bernstein is rocking a red fringe jacket! I love how she paired a simple white tank and high-waisted light denim jeans with the statement jacket.

Photo by Emily Knecht

Photo by Emily Knecht

Gigi Hadid is looking flawless in this super stylish brown, suede fringe jacket!


The Zac Posen show truly took my breath away. Besides from being completely star-struck at the sight of Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Coco Rocha, Miss J Alexander, Katie Holmes, and BryanBoy, I was amazed by the beauty of each and every one of Zac Posen’s looks. Zac Posen’s show was full of vibrant colors, unique patterns, and of course, top models! The stunning, Naomi Campbell closed the Zac Posen show in a extravagant red gown.

Photos below: Autumn with Mary J. Blige and Coco Rocha.

photo 3-1 photo 2-1 photo 4-1 photcocoo


Photo by Atisha Paulson of Nylon Magazine

Photo by Atisha Paulson of Nylon Magazine

On Friday night, Made and Milk studios hosted the Chromat show. The show not only featured exquisite futuristic designs, but also featured models of all sizes and ethnicities. Designer Becca McCharen is shaping the future of fashion in every aspect. I can’t even pick a favorite look!

photo 1photo 2  B95KT55CQAAj9bw.jpg-largeAutumn Greco with J.R. Smith (above) and Jenn Im a.k.a Clothesencounters (below).
photo 5B9xdFfUCEAANIi7.jpg-large

Cute Cuffs!

DIY Cuffs are a fun and stylish way to add color to your personal style! Get creative by mixing up colors, prints, and patterns! Follow these simple instructions to recreate IIiana McGrath’s super cute designs for Coats and Clark!

Links below:

Photo by Coats and Clark featuring Autumn Greco

Photos by Coats and Clark featuring Autumn Greco

bracelets_246-200x300 bracelets_219-200x300 bracelets_282-200x300

FIRST POST! L’Oréal For Women in Science Awards Ceremony

This past November, I had the pleasure of attending and being honored at the L’Oréal for Women in Science Awards Ceremony as one of five future female scientists by Teen Vogue and the National Girls Collaborative Project. I was inspired by so many brilliant women who are revolutionizing the world of science. At this event, I was inspired to encourage more girls to pursue careers in STEM. It is extremely important that more girls become involved in STEM. There are so many career paths within STEM. Unfortunately, there are significantly less women working in STEM careers. Science needs women to inspire the next generation of female scientists and break this gender barrier. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are such integral parts of today’s society. It is important to expose more girls to STEM and foster an early scientific interest in young girls. To read more about this event, please visit the teen vogue article:

Photo courtesy of L’Oréal USA and Teen Vogue