I have been obsessed with patched clothing and accessories! I hopped on this trend back in September when I purchased this super cute backpack from Nasty Gal.  

Nasty Gal

I’m currently DIY-ing a military jacket with some patches and pins I’ve collected including a patch from the National Museum of Women in the Arts! The National Museum of Women in the Arts is where the L’Oreal For Women in Science ceremony is held. Styling clothing with patches that are significant to you is such a fun way to present your personality. Sharing your interests through your clothing and accessories is also a great conversation starter!  I recently picked up this super cute patch dress from Zara, which I wore in a photoshoot with James Bartolozzi on Monday.  I love the 3D glasses patch. It reminds me of seeing Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D back in 2005! Here’s the full pic that I shared on Instagram (@autumngreco ): 


photo by James Bartolozzi

Turns out James is a huge STEM fan and holds a mathematics degree! So amazing! 

Are there any trends you have been following lately? I would love to hear about your current top pics! Connect with me on social media! 

 STEM UPDATE: I am so excited to be a part of the #BUILTBYGIRLS team. Check out the #BUILTBYGIRLS insta post to see what I’m building and what #BUILTBYGIRLS means to me.  


Science Presentation Style! 

Hi everyone! I apologize for not posting as often as I would like to but I have been extremely busy researching acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in Buffalo, NY. I presented my research Thursday and Friday, so here are two, super cute, but professional looks!  


On the first day of the symposium, I wore a blue dress shirt with a blazer and black skirt. This simple but sharp look reflected the color palette of my poster. I styled my hair in a ponytail with a middle part. It is helpful to wear your hair pulled pack so you can easily turn your head and refer your audience to sections of your poster. Middle parts have been very popular for on and off-duty celebrity looks, but look equally as awesome for scientific poster sessions!

Black Blazer

Blue Blouse
Black Skirt
Any pair of black ballet flats will work!


The second day was more formal. The event included a graduation ceremony. I found this preppy dress at H&M and styled it with the same blazer I wore the previous day. I wore the same black ballet flats for comfort and travel since I traveled on the Buffalo Metro. I left my natural waves for this event.

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