L’Oreal Workshop Day 5

I can’t believe today is the final day of the workshop. This week has been packed with super exciting projects and I would love to stay to learn more techniques. Unfortunately, Jamese and I have reached the end of our Madison stay for the summer, but we look forward to coming back to the Weibel Lab soon! Enjoy the final workshop recap!




Day 5 began with a trip to Promega, a world-renowned biotechnology company; right here in Madison! Promega applies biochemistry and microbiology to basic research, drug discovery, forensics, and diagnostics. Promega’s DNA forensic kits are used in the same way they are represented on crime shows on tv! I am a Law and Order SVU Diehard fan, so that was super interesting for me! Our tour guide, Laura F. began the session with a clear powerpoint explaining the mission and future plans for the company. The facility is centered around nature and natural sunlight is often the center of many of the workspaces. I loved the relaxed vibe of the research center.  We ate a tasty lunch at the Promega cafe before heading back to the UW Biochem Lab!

Photo by promega.com

Back at the lab, we began the diaper diagnostic intro. Katie gave us a background lession and illustrated her early, non-invasive infection diagnostic technique on her powerpoint. This technique works by identifying metabolites, chemicals in the urine that can tell us if a baby is at risk for an infection. Jamese and I got to test the detection method using actual, de-identified samples! After we learned the fundamentals for the technique, it was time to go LIVE ON L’OREAL’S PERISCOPE! Special thanks to everyone who tuned in! We had such a fun time explaining the process to over 200 live viewers. Here are some screenshots of the post:


After we wrapped up this session, we said goodbye to all of the biochemists in the Weibel lab and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the dinner cruise. The food was amazing and it was a perfect end to an unforgettable week. 

Outfit Details:

Dress- Divided by H&M

Bag- Rebecca Minkoff Black Mini Bucket Bag


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