Modern Boffin

I am so excited to announce my collaboration  with Modern Boffin! Modern Boffin is a new clothing line inspired by all things STEM! Mari, Modern Boffin Founder, is currently a doctoral candidate where her research interests include the retention and persistence of women and minorities in STEM education. Mari is increasing awareness for the need for underrepresented groups in STEM! Besides from creating super fashionable designs, Mari is donating a portion of her proceeds to STEM educational programs! She is a role model for girls everywhere pursuing careers in STEM. Check out to shop the looks and follow @modernboffin on social media! I had so much fun shooting pieces from the collection.  

Astronaut Selfie Tee

This is my favorite shirt from  MB! I love how you can see the astronaut’s perspective.  
Love Tee

I styled this tee with a denim jacket. I love how Mari shaped the L with a space shuttle. 

Boffin Definition Tee 

This tee is the ultimate MB tee! A Boffin is a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific work. 



Thank you so much Mari and Modern Boffin for letting me collaborate! 

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